Stalking the Bureaucracy in a Wheelchair

Judith Snow & Marlene Webber


Great Questions - Judith Snow - cover image

When Judy Snow, a severely disabled quadriplegic from birth, wheeled into her press conference at York University in Downsview, Ontario on May 30th, she pounced on the fear which haunts the bureaucrats’ dreams. She talked of precedent. The provincial government had just set a precedent by granting her a subsidy to help pay an attendant. In a tone typical of her enjmity with
government, she seized on her victory, urging the estimated 2,000 disabled in Ontario to press forward with their demands.
Although she claims you “lose your soul if you hang around government types to long; it becomes a form of prostitution”, Judy Snow stalked thesocial services ten long years before her breakthrough. And she does not appear to have lost her soul..