Wonderful Life of Judith Snow

TASH Journal – A tribute to Judith Snow – 2015
Jay Klein, Jack Pearpoint

Judith Snow

Great Questions - Judith Snow - cover image

On May 31, 2015, the world suddenly lost Judith Snow. On June 6, more than 400 people

gathered in Toronto to remember, to share, and to celebrate Judith’s life. Untold numbers of others joined the gathering in spirit through posts on Facebook and in various other forums.

Following the memorial service, our group of about fifty people continued telling and listening to stories long into the night. As we shared, we realized what we already knew: Judith Snow lived and touched thousands of lives. She was a person we thought we knew, but the complexity of who Judith was and how she changed the world was becoming clearer.

We were invited to help introduce, celebrate, and honor Judith Snow with thousands of people around the world. Finding a way to do this was a cherished but daunting task that required a massive community effort.

In the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life” George Bailey leads a somewhat typical life – a life any one of us could have led. As he contemplates death, however, George has the unique opportunity to look back and see how many lives would have been different if he had never lived. “Strange, isn’t it? Each person’s life touches so many other lives. When they aren’t around they leave an awful hole, don’t they?”