A Tribute to Judith Snow

Jack Pearpoint

June 6, 2015

Great Questions - Judith Snow - cover image

I am an emissary: I bring greetings from Judith – and the welcome party where she is singing and dancing and carrying on with all her formerly departed friends. Marsha is pounding on the piano; Shafik is dancing with white pants on; Herb Lovett is debating with Father Pat, and Peter Dill is the smiling mediator. Scotty, Maria, David and a throng of other children are squealing and eating ice cream. Henry Moore has linked up with Waddie Welcome and Addie Reeves, and Ed Roberts has just crashed the party. The Circle is swirling, scooping up innocents who have no idea about the ‘reorganizing’ that is about to begin.

The guest list is in fact infinite..

Some of you may have been wondering what Judith was doing before she died. It’s true she had a touch of bronchitis, but that didn’t stop her partying full out on Saturday night – to welcome Bill Worrell to the exalted Seniors Club Judith earlier. On Sunday, after assembling six ‘directives for action’ for her Circle, she finally went to bed – with her computer. She emailed ME about books at 10:34. Then she started to work on the payroll. She didn’t finish. She died at 10:45 when her unstoppable heart stopped.