Joshua Committee – An Advocacy Model

Judith Snow & Marsha Forest


Great Questions - Judith Snow - cover image

This article is in two parts and written from the perspective of twos women – one is in a wheelchair, one stands erect; one has to have full attendant care for all her physical needs, one can care for herself. Both are dependent on others for spiritual, intellectual and moral support. Both are corrrnitted advocates for the rights of disabled persons. Both are seen as strong and independent women.

Both feel the current situation for the handicapped ls unju st. Both are fully functioning productive citizens – although because one is labelled “disabled” her choices in life until now have been severely limited.

The following story, from the perspective of each woman, tel ls how by combining the efforts of concerned individuals small battles can be fought and won . Though small, these battles show others that they too have a right to live in this society as fully functioning persons with the same rights afforded to everyone.