Where do I go From Here?

Judith Snow


Geaned from email correspondence with John McKnight

As you asked I am writing down perspectives in order to develop for myself, with your help and others, a clear action path over the next few years.

What follows is a compendium of notes, mostly written by myself, showing the range of philosophies, goals and planned activities that have been discussed between Nov. ’98 and May ’99. This does not take the shape of a proposal and I don’t think it needs to since the money is in place.

What I do need to develop for myself is a clear voice, simple, inspiring and different. By different I mean activity that:
– DOES NOT play into the hands of the service system;
– DOES NOT become a charitable enterprise; and,
– DOES NOT become merely an intellectual excersise.

I am challenged by the absence of a clear idea of what a truly unique direction could be.

Other characteristics of a different direction would be:
– People from the “disability” world connect with people from other sectors and, at the same time, maintain a strong voice and presence.
– Projects and activities do not take on a “helping” or “fixing” focus.
– The results of my work increased inclusion and also were effective in other ways such as improving employment for youth, and increasing membership in associations as examples.
– There is a clear philosophical engagement, i.e. people discuss the values and the culture that strengthens community. – It is about community!
– We reintroduce or re-emphasize the aspect of changing social policy and have clear results in this area.