NYSACRA Institute Learning History II [PDF]

NYSACRA Learning Institute on Innovation in Individualized Supports

Learning History II Phase II: October 2009 – June 2010

Turning Points

John O’Brien

June, 2010

The NYSACRA Learning Institute on Innovation in Individualized Supports grew out of the work of the Individualized Supports Think Tanka multi-stakeholder group that gave shape to the idea of individualized supports. NYSACRA’s invest- ment in creating the Learning Institute reflects its strategic goal of Exploring a New Service Paradigm by assisting providers’ efforts to develop individualized services and supports. The Institute is administered by NYSACRA, funded by the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council, OMRDD, and NYSACRA, and strongly supported by the Self Advocacy Association of New York State.

The first phase, from April, 2007 through December, 2008 engaged 15 provider agencies from around the state to increase their capacity for creating innovative, individualized supports for 10 people, initially using OPTS proposals. The sec- ond phase, from April, 2009 through June, 2010 engaged 11 provider agencies from the Hudson Valley region of the state for the same purpose, but with modi- fications to the process based on experiences of the first phase. Each phase

of the Institute culminated in gatherings of those involved in individualized sup- ports from around the state, to build connections and think about pathways to the future.

One June 11, 2010, nearly 100 people from Phase One and Two providers, DDSO portal liaisons, site visit host agencies, Central Office OMRDD staff, and others came together to share the successes of what’s working, face the ob- stacles of what’s not, and commit to learning together how to think differently. The results of their conversations are posted on the Learning Institute website athttp://www.nysacra.org/nysacra/li/PhaseIICurriculum_Materials.htm.