Review Capacity for Person-Centered Work [PDF]

John O’Brien


Organizational learning happens when we embrace the tension that arises when there is a gap between what we deeply want to create and the current reality we experience (Senge, 2006).

Vision of offering person-centered support

When what we want to create is especially important to us, there is a tendency to collapse the tension by either defining current re- ality as already realizing the vision (“We’re now delivering person- centered supports, or at least as much as is possible for people like this with the funding we have.”) or by defining the vision en- tirely in terms of current reality (“Person-centered support means the way we do things now, with maybe a few improvements we could make if we got more funding.”.) This offers short-term relief at the price of short-circuiting learning.

This inventory provides an opportunity for people committed to learning to offer person-centered supports to make three wide angle snapshots of current organizational reality. Each snapshot is taken from a different perspective and each shows a broad view of where we are now: