The Work of Inclusion (Europe) [PDF]

Reflections as the Network Seeks a New Form


John O’Brien

2015 – Dec. Europe

In November 2015 the New Paths to InclUsion network reached a turning point, marked by the completion of a cycle of the Network’s support from the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union. Partners gathered in Vienna to exchange stories of change, reflect on their learning and harvest seeds of possibility. Later in the month, a smaller group joined parliamentarians and officials, self-advocates and family advocates in Brussels to report on the policy implications of the past three years’ work. It is clear that many participants in Network activities have formed personal relationships, collaborations and organizational connections that they value, both within and across national boundaries. These people are alert to possibilities for the Network to find a new form that will support their continuing effort to make social change by opening new paths to inclusion for growing numbers of people.