Implementing Self Direction [PDF]

Implementing Self-Determination Initiatives Some Notes on Complex Change

John O’Brien



Preparing for a hundred battles 3
Managing the appeal of self-determination 5
Self-determination from the point of view of people with disabilities 7 The logic of the initiative in terms of core processes 10
Self-determination as a solution 13
The logic of the initiative in terms of outcomes 17
Best use of public money 19
Loyalty as a threat to intended outcomes 20
Conflict over who can decide 21
Loyalty as a resource 22
The logic of the marketplace 24
Clarity about expanding service capacity 27
Natural support: Solution –> problem 29
Changes and methods 33
Overall project design33
The elements of change 35
How big a change is the move to self-determination? 36
Service coordinators as a key limiting resource 39