Complex Needs Learning History [PDF]

Learning Institute
on Innovation and Individualized Supports for Persons with Complex Needs
A Learning History

John O’Brien

May–December 2016

Advocates, Heritage Christian Services, & NYS OPWDD
AHRC Nassau
Arc of Monroe
Aspire of WNY

Family Residences & Essential Enterprises
Independence Residences
Mountain Lakes Services

People Inc.
Richmond Community Services
The Arc of Westchester
The Resource Center, Unity House of Cayuga County

Participating agencies developed change teams to translate the work they did in Leadership Institute sessions into local action-learning. In the seven months of the Learning Institute, the change team’s task was to partner with at least one person with complex needs to identify a leverage point and, as quickly as possible, begin learning through action how to make that leverage point a focus for creative action that will, over time, increase their agency’s capacity to work with people with com- plex needs in a person-centered way.

The Learning Institute supported change teams in four ways:

• Workshops brought agency representatives together to explore essential aspects of person-centered work.
• A Learning Journey, hosted by an agency committed to in- dividualized support to people who require intensive nursing support allowed critical reflection on the process of organiza- tional change in the New York environment.
• Webinars offered useful information on topics that influence the implementation of new approaches to housing, support and employment.
• A network of mutual support that formed as people connected in workshops and on the learning journey.

17-19 May
Transformational Change • Right Relationships in Support of the Good Life • Person-Centered Planning
Beth Mount, Hanns Meissner, Michael Kendrick & Carol Blessing

30 June – 1 July
Beyond “Behavior”: Supporting Confidence, Competence & Wellbeing
David Pitonyak

28 July
Addressing the Physical Environment
George Braddock (webinar)

29 July
Transforming Organizations From Congregate to Individualized Supports
Jeff Strully (webinar)

7 September
Addressing Risk & Liability
Chris Lyons|
The Role of the Direct Support Professional
Joe Macbeth

8 September
Reflection: What We Are Learning|
Beth Mount

5-6 October
Learning Journey to Family Lives, Westborough, MA
John O’Brien

7-9 December
Self-Advocacy Perspective • Generative Stories Prototypes • Lessons for Our System
Michael Kennedy, Beth Mount, Hanns Meissner & John O’Brien