Individualized Supports Learning History [PDF]

Learning Institute on Innovation in Individualized Supports
Learning History • Southern Tier June 2015 – November 2015

John O’Brien

June–November 2015 3 -5 June

Broome OPWDD
Broome DDRO OPWDD Epilepsy-Pyralid, Inc.
Franziska Racker Centers
Herkimer Arc
Southern Tier Independence Center Springbrook NY, Inc.
The Arc Delaware County
The Arc Otsego
Wayne Arc

3 -5 June
Chris Liuzzo: Common Life Experiences of Persons with Disabilities
Hanns Meissner: Blue Space
Beth Mount: Applying Theory U

25-26 June Learning Journey
Host: Heritage Christian Services, Rochester

6-7 August
Carol Blessing & Michael Kendrick: Person-Centered Planning

17-18 September webinars
John Maltby: Affordable Generic Housing
Adam Pekor: Labor Law & Individualized Housing Supports
Meghan O’Sullivan: Using Assistive Technology to Promote Independence & Lessen Intrusion
Rachel Pollock & Katrina Roberts: Customized Employment

15-16 Oct Learning Journey
Host: The Arc Rensselaer County

18-20 Nov 
Generative stories
Prototype for continued learning

Participating agencies developed change teams to translate the work they did in Leadership Institute sessions into local action-learning. In the five months of the Learning Institute, the change team’s task was to identify a leverage point and, as quickly as possible, begin learning through action how to make that leverage point a focus for creative action that will, over time, increase their agency’s capacity to work in a person-centered way.

The Learning Institute supported change teams in four ways:

• Workshops brought agency representatives together to explore essential aspects of person-centered work.
• Learning Journeys, hosted by agencies committed to deep change, allowed critical reflection on the process or organizational change in the New York environment.
• Webinars offered useful information on topics that influence the implementation of new approaches to housing, support and employment.
• A network of mutual support that began to emerge as people connected in workshops and learning journeys.