Person-Centered Planning and Transformation [PDF]

Person-Centred Planning As A Support To Transformation

John O’Brien

March 2008

Valuing People Now (VPN) challenges everyone to raise their expectations of what is possible for people with learning disabilities. As more and more people, families and organizations learn to act on its priorities, the number of people who are in control of the supports they require will grow, the number of people working for wages in jobs in open employment that match their capacities will grow, the number of people living in their own homes with personalized support will grow, and the number of mainstream health care providers who are capably serving people with learning difficulties will grow.

VPN’s sub-title, From Progress to Transformation, makes clear that change in these key areas will not result from improving what we typically do in small steps, but from people taking up new roles (worker, home owner, director of personalized supports, contributing citizen) by everyone learning to do new things in new ways