Person-Centered Planning and Case Management [PDF]

The Contribution of Person-centered Planning to Care Management

John O’Brien

Feb. 1999

  • Discussions arranged by the King’s College Community Care Development Centre (CCDC) with groups interested in person-centered planning in Suffolk, Oxfordshire, and Somerset

An increasing number of people look to person-centered planning as interest in improving the practice of care management grows. Some wonder if care managers should routinely adopt person-centered planning tools as a means to better assessments and care plans, as this diagram suggests:

Better Services Better Lives

This note answers in the negative, arguing that person-centered planning would make a greater contribution to improving life for people with disabilities by changing the environment around care management than it could by changing the way care managers typically do assessments and care plans. As this diagram suggests, the assumed influences are somewhat more complex and more tentative then those implied by the straightforward adoption of a new technique by care managers: