Person Centered Planning in it’s Strategic Context [PDF]

Person Centred Planning In Itʼs Strategic Context 
Towards a Framework for Reflection-In-Action

John O’Brien & David Towell

March 2003 Canfield University

In response to Valuing People, the number of people with learning disabilities experiencing person-centred planning is growing, and the number of people learning about person-centered planning is growing even faster. David Towell invited 28 people to spend two days at Cranfield University on 10-11 March 2003 thinking together about the kinds of changes in specialist and mainstream services that would significantly increase …
…the benefits that people realize from their involvement in person-centred planning and
…the numbers of people who benefit from person-centered planning.

Some of us are people who are the focus of person-centred planning, some of as have children or relatives with disabilities, others facilitate and teach person-centred planning, others manage service provision, others manage service commissioning, others are involved in the activities of Partnership Boards, others have national responsibility for assisting the implementation of Valuing People. Many of us have more than one of these roles.