Resources on Person-Centered Planning [PDF]

A Resource Listing

John O’Brien



Connie Lyle O’Brien & John O’Brien (2002)
A history of person-centered planning. http:// planning-connie-lyle-and-john-obrien/
another version is In Steve Holburn & Peter Vietze, Eds. Person-centered planning: Research Planning and Future Directions. Baltimore, MD: Paul Brookes. Pp. 3-28. This book has a number of other useful chapters.

First things we published, which make the point that from the beginning our interest in person- centered planning lies in serving social and organizational change efforts aimed at inclusion.

John O’Brien (1987) Lifestyle Planning. In B. Wilcox & G.T. Bellamy, The Activities Catalog. Baltimore: Paul Brookes.

John O’Brien & Marsha Forest (1989). Action for Inclusion. The first iteration of the MAPS process in the context of school inclusion.

John O’Brien & Beth Mount (1991) Telling New Stories: The search for capacity among people with severe handicaps. in L. Meyer, C. Peck, & L. Brown, eds. Critical issues in the lives of people with severe disabilities. Baltimore: Paul Brookes.

John O’Brien, Connie Lyle O’Brien & Beth Mount (December, 1997) Person centered planning has arrived – or has it?. Mental Retardation. 35. 480-484.

Attached are the tables of contents from A Little Book About Person-Centered Planning –which collected lots of the material that circulated as handouts in the early days– and Implementing Person-Centered Planning: Voices of Experience (both edited with Connie Lyle O’Brien). Conversations on Citizenship and Person-Centered Work (edited with Carol Blessing) brings the series to 2011 with interviews with people who have played important roles in developing person-centered approaches. All from

This series of papers are the record of an inquiry that David Towell and I did in the early days of implementation of the Valuing People strategy in the UK (2003).