Everyday Lives [PDF]

Finding A Way Toward
Everyday Lives The Contribution of Person Centered Planning

John O’Brien & Herb Lovett

Feb 1993 Pennsylvania Office of Mental Retardation

Since the publication of Everyday Lives, “the vision for our future,” we have come to realize that each person has his or her own personal image of a desirable future. And so we have been looking for ways to discover what each person’s image of a desirable future is and for the means to make that image a reality.

Person-centered planning in its many and varied forms, if approached in a thoughtful, sincere, and indeed, a moral manner, can help us. It can help us to listen, to understand, and most importantly, to act.

This publication, so thoughtfully prepared by John O’Brien and Herb Lovett, describes the foundation of person-centered planning and its potential for creating a better future for people and for influencing change. It also addresses controversies and fears associated with this new approach.

While person-centered planning is regarded as a new idea, it springs from our basic humanity, our eternal capacity for love, and our common desire to create a world that is safe and welcoming for everyone of us.

With the insight, advice and cautions of the people whose thoughts are contained in this booklet, let us move forward with our efforts to bring to reality the vision in Everyday Lives.

Nancy R. Thaler
Deputy Secretary for Mental Retardation