Family Support Search Conference [PDF]

The Future of Home and Family Support Services in Alaska’s Doyon Region

John O’Brien & Connie Lyle O’Brien

Oct. 1982

What Is a Search Conference?
What Can I Do to Prepare?
Describing the Context
Assessing Present Strategies
Images of More Desirable Futures
Lessons from Regional Assessment
What do we mean by Home and Family Support?
Describing some Qualities
“Filling up the spaces.”
“More for my family than for me”
“So getting help won’t be so hard.”
“Doing what you aren”t quite supposed to.”
What Can Home & Family Support Accomplish?
What Makes Home & Family Support Work?
What Opportunities Are There to Improve Services
Responses to the Present Environment
Develop Locally
Build on Local Values
Take Responsibility for Planning
Consumer Organization is Essential