Thinking About Family Support [PDF]

THINKING ABOUT HOME AND FAMILY SUPPORT A Guide to the Literature with Selected Readings.

John O’Brien & Connie Lyle O’Brien

Feb 1983

Prepared for the Governor’s Council for the Handicapped and Gifted: Fairbanks, Alaska

This is a companion to Planning Together, which is a handbook for people who want to plan improvements in home and family support.
The Guide ta the Literature is organized by a set of questions. Like the planning process described in Planning Together, the guide begins by calling attention ta the larger environmental context that shapes efforts to improve home and family support. Each question is followed by a brief description of some helpful resources and a set of references.

Eric Trist. The Search Conference Concept.
David Sibbet. Graphic Formats
David Norley and Rafael Ramirez. Food for the Future of Nexicoa An Action Learning Perspective.
CDF. Child Watch: Looking Out for America’s Children John McKnight. Survival of the Family
John McKnight. Politicizing Health Care
Eric Trist. New Directions of Hope
Gerben DeJong. Independent Living
Gunnar Dybwad. Re-Discoveery of the Family
Nicola Shaefer. Parent Partnership with Professionals Robert Lifchez & Barbara Winslow. How to Research Andy Baxter. The Newfoundland Strategy.
The Parent Study Group. An Example of Involvement. Harsha Forest & Judy Snow. The Jqshua Committee.