Building Capacity for Family Support [PDF]

Building the Capacity for Family-Centered Practice in Michiganʼs Changing Mental Health System

John O’Brien

Oct. 2002

Moving from margin to center by becoming sticky 2
A challenging environment 3
Leverage points 5
Options for Action 7
Network of Actions to Strengthen Family-Centered Practice 8
Communities Come Together Around Family-Centered Practice 9
Family-Centered Practice Is Embedded in the Whole System 10
A Clear Statement of What Family-Centered Practice Is/Is Not 11
Family-Centered Practice, System of Care, Evidence-Based Treatment 12
Competent Facilitators Available Statewide 13
Knowledge Gathered In Usable Form 14
A Variety of Learning Methods 15
Good Practice Examples Are Diffused Throughout the System 16
Rules Address Family-Centered Practice 17
Independent Facilitation is Funded 18