Little Green Wagon [PDF]

John O’Brien & Teri Schell

The Little Green Wagon – A Way of Organizing

The Little Green Wagon invites children and young people who visit the Forsyth Farmers’ Market to plant a seed, watch it grow from one Saturday to the next, and take their plant home when it is ready to transplant. Plants that don’t find a home with the children who planted them are given away.

This project, designed and implemented by members of Mixed Greens a group of Forsyth Farmer’s Market supporters, serves the market’s mission by promoting young people’s understand- ing and participation in the local food system.

The Little Green Wagon embodies a way of organizing that mir- rors the market’s commitment to give priority to organic produc- tion over conventional, whole foods over prepared foods, craft or artisan production of staples over more processed food.

Culturally & socially we are struggling with a misfit between the work & learning we need to do to have a just & sustainable economy & an inhabitable planet and the taken for granted social forms we rely on to organize ourselves. Our frustrations with the Act & its related policies are only one instance of this misfit.