John McKnight – Learnings …….a Collection of Articles

For about four years, John has been writing short articles – once a month – on what he is learning. Insightful, thoughtful, helpful, challenging. Well worth some time to scan and choose.

John McKnights Learnings

A Compilation of John McKnights Learnings, Tamarack Institute

Learning 1 – The Problem with Problems
Learning 2 – The Dilemma of Meetings
Learning 3 – The Affinity Dilemma
Learning 4 – Embracing Deviance
Learning 5 – In Search of the Tie That Binds
Learning 6 – What Counts?
Learning 7 – Institutional Precipitation
Learning 8 – A Neighborhood Impact Statement: Changing the Burden of Proof
Learning 9 – Re-functioning: A New Community Development Strategy for the Future
Learning 10 – Who Represents the Neighbor?
Learning 11 – Putting Associations Back in Public Education
Learning 12 – Wicked Issues for Neighborhood Leaders and Organizers
Learning 13 – Differentiating the Functions of Institutions and Associations: A Geometry Lesson
Learning 14 – Local Associations as Schools for Democratic Practice
Learning 15 – Associating Associations: The Power of Convening
Learning 16 – The Power of Proliferating Associations
Learning 17 – Money and the Civic Impulse
Learning 18 – The Civic Legacy of Saul Alinsky
Learning 19 – The Mother of Science
Learning 20 – A Guide for Government Officials Seeking to Promote Productive Citizen Participation
Learning 21 – A Guide to Government Empowerment of Local Citizens and Their Associations
Learning 22 – It Doesn’t Take a Village to Raise a Modern Child: The Economic, Political and Cultural Socialization of Young Americans
Learning 23 – Servants of Citizenship: Understanding the Basic Function of Newspapers in a Democracy
Learning 24 – Who Should Have the Final Say in Community Decision-making: Learning from Pilots, Pastors and Guards
Learning 25 – Community Dreams: The Power of Citizen Authority
Learning 26 – Exploring the Ecology of Neighborhoods
Learning 27 – The Base of Powerful Movements- Understanding the Role of Local Associations
Learning 28 – Becoming Trustworthy
Learning 29 – Being Seen: Turning America Downside Up
Learning 30 – Co-production: Always in Second Place
Learning 31 – Still on Top: A Manager’s Story
Learning 32 – Community Security and the Institutional Assumption
Learning 33 – Discovering the Source of Power
Learning 34 – Beware of “Community”: An Amoeba Word
Learning 35 – Peacemaking Powers and the Culture They Create
Learning 36 – Enabling Productive Neighborhoods: The Role of a New Kind of Leader
Learning 37 – ABCD, Jazz and the Structure of Powerful Communities
Learning 38 – Effective Police Reform: The Transfer of Authority