De’Amon Harges

De’Amon has just been presented with the Tom Locke Innovative Leader Award. De’Amon talks about Intangible Currencies we all have – but seldom recognize.. and we can and we should…

DeAmon Harges is the original “Roving Listener” as a neighbor in Indianapolis, IN. His role is to listen and discover the gifts, passions and dreams of citizens in his community, and to find ways to utilize them in order to build community, economy, and mutual “delight.” DeAmon builds on what is already present and in place in the neighborhood, using those formally undiscovered assets to connect and empower rather than working only from the community’s needs and deficits.

DeAmon is an artist, art educator, community leader, and overall amazing human being you have to meet! DeAmon is on a mission to empower neighborhoods, more specifically, people. Check out how he is using art to help tell individual stories and make incredible change! Be sure to check out his TEDx talk too!

De’Amon Hages is the founder of The Learning Trees – a community based network of unrecognized talents – that are now mobilizing their Social Capital – by doing Social Banking with Intangible Currencies.

The Learning Tree – their web site