Beth Mount – a Resume of Resilience


Beth Mount, Ph.D., has practiced the art of person-centered planning with thousands of people with disabili- ties and their families from every walk of life and from every corner of the world. Her groundbreaking work related to Personal Futures Planning promotes the positive futures and images of people with disabilities throughout the globe, and demonstrates that all of us count and all of us fit somewhere.

Beth is the Founder and Director of Graphic Futures, providing consultation, facilitation, organization- al development, and policy analysis for a variety of local, state, and national agencies and innovation projects seeking to demonstrate the values, practices, and innovative policy initiatives related to person centered planning and development.

This resume provides an overview of continuous consulting contracts and a listing of publications, videos, art exhibits, and artworks related to Person Centered Work.

Person Centered planning ideals and initiatives are now widespread in Canada, Europe, Australia, and India. Publications by Beth Mount have been translated and taught throughout Latin America, the European Union, China, Japan, Russia, and Israel.