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How to Use Slack for Virtual TSI 2021

What is Slack? Why are we using it? How do I give it a try?

Slack is a messaging app that connects people. Slack is a way we can communicate as a community and makes access to others part of the VTSI easier.  After you register, you will receive an email invite to our Slack.

People can connect with one another in dedicated spaces called ‘channels’ that we’ve created just for this event. This allows us to bring people and information together in small groups – or just one-to-one.  We can message each other, connect and collaborate around topics and themes of interest.

Slack supports asynchronous work. So no matter your location, time zone, or function, you can access information on your own time. 

Please click & watch the below video link for audio/video instructions for Slack ⬇️ 


At this time you have been or will be invited to join our Virtual TSI Slack Channel – Welcome! 

So let’s go through a couple of the relevant Slack How To’s all covered in the Audio/Video tutorial highlighted above

  1. How to Download and Set Up Slack – It is free to get started on Slack. So let’s click the link to sign up
  1. How to Thread – essentially you can directly reply to a comment that is made 
  1. How to Set Up a Group DM (Direct Message) – wanting to chat to a group or make a private connection? Here is where you can create your own group chats and connect with others. 
    • This could be very useful if you want to organize a small group – or a one to one chat with someone.  You can find their name and send a message directly to them.  It can be private – and if they reply (in the thread) it is private!!

Our TSI slack channels will be used for all our communication needs as we navigate, explore, learn, create and visualize our way through our 3-day Virtual Toronto Summer Institute.  

We also will use the #daily-announcments channel for our emergent daily agenda – anything that you need to know about – we will post here for everyone to see! 

We really hope you give this a try as it’s a really great tool for the NOW virtual world we are calling home. 

And if you get ‘lost’ – just ‘come home’ to the basic Zoom link for the Institute – and we will get you unlost! 

I’ve received the invite to VTSI Inclusion Press Slack Channel ~ What now?

Once you have received the Link in the Welcome Package for our Slack channel … Welcome! Let’s briefly walk through what the specific channels are and how we will use them! 

  • #welcome-vtsi
    • Hello and Welcome to the Virtual Summer Institute. Please introduce yourself in the channel & we invite you to include… I WANT TO LEARN ABOUT… & ASK ME ABOUT…. 
  • #any-questions
    • Tech support; Where is my link, Who am I? Should I be here?
  • #cathys-bookcafe 
    • Books, DVD’s and more. Bring your own candy. 
  • #dialogue-walk
    • Find a partner for a powerful conversation! 
  • #hospitality-room
    • A place to find each other, start conversations, share music, coordinate face-to-face hangouts.

Please click & watch the below video link for audio/video instructions ⬇️ 

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