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Beth Mount: Power in the Dark

Beth Mount invites us to “see in the dark.” Systems and structures make people invisible and limit their potential. Social isolation, loneliness, heartbreak, and blame make it still harder to see and to be seen. Yet with focused attention, we can see how and why dominant systems confine people to specialized and segregated routines and roles. Then we can act to break the patterns and resist the forces that smother possibility. In this image, the center radiant with color represents the potentials in every person. Person-centered work develops the capacity to see and to amplify the gifts in every individual. When people co-create lasting relationships, they know they belong. Opportunities for meaningful life burst out from the dark. As much as this power to “see in the dark” lights the way for individual lives, it also gives courage and wisdom to perceive and undo the pervasive structural patterns which have been limiting membership and work in the community. As allies, we help create spaces that expand belonging, create understanding, and nurture love. We learn how to take on the challenges and live with the discomforts of activating social change. Seeing in the dark, we get excited to find out what more is possible. What is beyond the next bend? Together how might we find fresh ways to cultivate deep change?

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