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Values of Inclusion – Heather Simmons

The Values of Inclusion is a brilliant short talk by Heather Simmons outlining 10 key ideas that crystallize our understanding of the deep meanings of Person-Centered Planning and what it will take for us to live together in an inclusive society. Includes “Every One is Born “In”, All means All, Everyone Needs to be “In”, Everyone Needs to be “With”, Everyone can Learn, Everyone Needs Support, and more. Posted May 2012 11.5 minutes

Heather Simmons                   Person-Centered Planning     Inclusive Education

Heather is a brilliant written, presenter and a crisp clear thinker. She is co-author of the Bog Plan – a book that describes a process of doing ‘planning’ with groups – over time. It builds on the work of Connie Lyle O’Brien and Beth Mount – but with a Scottish lilt. 

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