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Workshops Since 2020…

Jack & Lynda have been offering thier course – PATH & MAPS – Person Centered Ways to Build Community – VIRTUALLY.

What was once a 3 day face-to-face – is now delivered over five days – spread out – but offers the magic of enhanced diversity geographically and personally as people have registred from many time zones and countries – as distant as New Zealand. We hope you will join us

About Workshops during Times of Covid

From 2006 until early March 2020, prior to the Covid 19 lockdowns and precautions, Jack and Lynda offered a range of face-to-face course offerings and planning sessions each year.  We’ve engaged in planning and facilitation with individuals and their friends, family and loved ones, teams, as well as groups and organizations ranging from 10 – 120 people in 10 countries. Typically, Inclusion Press has hosted at least two “PATH & MAPS” courses in Toronto per year, and several more nationally and internationally by invitation.  We’ve also hosted the Toronto Summer Institute: on Inclusion*Diversity* Community, each summer in July. That was before March 2020.

With the ‘lockdown’ we were stretched to consider – and then implement virtual events.  We thought it was impossible.  We were wrong.  In fact, virtual events have worked remarkably well – but require substantially more and different time and effort – but they work.  So we began prototyping with our friends and colleagues at 4R’s Youth Movement. When it worked, we continued to prototype our offerings.  We have now offered four virtual Person Centered Ways to Build Community with PATH and MAPS multi-day events with more to come.  

We also had planned and announced the final Toronto Summer Institute for July 2020.  Obviously, that face-to-face event in Toronto did not happen due to the pandemic.  But to maintain the spirit of the Institute, we prototyped Virtual TSI mini-events.  We launched the Virtual TSI in September 2020.  There was a positive response, so we subsequently hosted three Ideas that Matter events – plus follow-up workshops with those session presenters.  All that was before we took the giant leap and welcomed the world to the first VIRTUAL Toronto Summer Institute, July 12-14, 2021, Building a Bigger We.  It was three days of brilliant sharing with a cast of 40 people supporting and facilitating 20 workshops.  It was a treasure trove of co-creation.  Most sessions were recorded and will be posted on our website.

So, we continue to push the boundaries of possibility – doing things we thought could not be done.  Workshops, events, consultations.  

Remarkably, we did not stop, we ‘pivoted’ and stretched.  And there is more to come. We aren’t done yet… 

What follows is a compressed listing of many of the offerings since 2019.  

For information on workshops, consultation or planning sessions designed for you, your team or organization, please contact Jack Pearpoint and Lynda Kahn at


A Selection of Workshop Course Offerings and Retreats

facilitated by Jack and Lynda, 2019 – 2023


Ideas that Matter, Telljng the Visual Story, January 23, 2024 featuring Gabby Melnick introducing digital recording using your ipad __

VIRTUAL “Person Centered Ways to Build Community with MAPS and PATH – Winter Course – February = March, 2024  

PathFinding Outfitters – January – March – 2024


Ideas that Matter, Star Raft with David Wetherow – Dec. 7, 2023. A brilliant presentation of David’s Star Raft approach to buldding your Circles of Support.

VIRTUAL “Person Centered Ways to Build Community with MAPS and PATH – Fall course – October – Novermber, 2023  

Ideas that Matter, Circles: More that a Tool – with the Fialka-Feldman Family – Oct. 17, 2023. The amazing story of three decades of Building and sustaining a Circles of Support around Micah Fialka Feldman – now a teaching assistant at Syreacuse university.

Ideas that Matter: Telling a Visual Story in a Digital World – with Gabby Melnick –  an introduction to the new art of recording graphics digitally.

Ideas that Matter: The Complex Sotry of Shared Lives that Matter – the Tyrone Tower Story – as told by Patty Scott. – May 17k, 2023 –  a powerful story that explores the remarkable capacity of Tyrone who flipped the rules and became the person who welcomed the stranger.

VIRTUAL “Person Centered Ways to Build Community with MAPS and PATH – Winter course – February -March, 2023  

VIRTUAL “Person Centered Ways to Build Community with MAPS and PATH – Winnipeg Course – November ,2023 – Janurary, 2023  

Ideas that Matter: Learning to Listen with Yeiter –  an introduction to Yeiter’s book Learning to Listen – to children labeled with ‘behaviors’



Pathfinding Outfitters: –  

VIRTUAL “Person Centered Ways to Build Community with MAPS and PATH – Fall Course – October, 2022  

VIRTUAL “Person Centered Ways to Build Community with MAPS and PATH – Spring Course – May – June, 2022  

VIRTUAL “Person Centered Ways to Build Community with MAPS and PATH – Winter Course – February – March, 2022  


Ideas that Matter, Round 2, January 14, 2021 and follow-up Learning Marketplace sessions in February and March 2021.  (Intangible Currencies; Threshold for Change; Holding the Story)

Ideas that Matter, Round 3, March 11, 2021 and follow-up Learning Marketplace sessions in April and May 2021 (Citizen Centered Leadership: A Decade of Learning: Ideas that Matter, The Unlikely Evolution of Darwin Ness; Indigenous Centred Reconciliation Practices)

VIRTUAL “Person Centered Ways to Build Community”, Hosted by Rocky View School District, Alberta, Canada, Course Guides~ Jack and Lynda, January/February 2021

VIRTUAL Toronto Summer Institute: Building a Bigger We July 12-14, 2021 via Zoom, 180 folks registered, average attendance 100/ session, 14 countries, 3 days – 20 + sessions.

Virtual PATH/MAPS Prototype “Person Centered Ways to Build Community” with 5 organizations in Nova Scotia, Course Guides Jack and Lynda,   August/September 2021.


Resilient Leadership Retreat, Chatham, Ontario, Hosted by Windsor Essex Brokerage for Personal Supports, February 13-14, 2020

Future Planning Day with Families  – Follow-up to Series, Brockville, ON  March 5 – 6  2021

Virtual PATH/MAPS: First Prototype with 4Rs Youth Movement, May 2020

Virtual PATH/MAPS Prototype “Person Centered Ways to Build Community” with Autism Nova Scotia, August/September 2020

Inclusion Press Launch Virtual TSI Opening Session with John McKnight,  September 2020

Virtual TSI (VTSI) World Café, October 2020

Ideas that Matter, Round 1, November 12, 2020 and follow-up Learning Marketplace sessions in November and December 2020 and January 2021 (Black American Tree Project; Creating Practices While Discovering Neighbourhoods; Gentle Art of Noticing; Holding True to Mission in the Time of the Pandemic)


Person Centered Ways to Build Community, Winnipeg, MB Canada, Course Guides Jack and Lynda, hosted by Hosted by Inclusion Winnipeg, March 2019

Partners in Policymaking, session on visioning and creating the futures we want, Scotland, April 2019

Work with Tewegan in Ottawa, ON,  May/June 2019

Toronto Summer Institute,Toronto July 13-18 2019

Building the Futures We Want: ASeries Exploring Person Centered Approaches to Engagement in CommunityinBrockville, OntarioSeptember, October, November 2019

Person Centered Ways to Building Community  hosted by Inclusion Press in Toronto, Course Guides Jack and Lynda, September 2019

Board Retreat facilitation with WEBPS, Windsor Essex Brokerage and Personal Supports, October 2019