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Record your corrections, notices, “what-if’s”, etc here. Annotate lines with your name please. Thank you! —Tom


• within Marsha Forest Centre pages – MANY issues not yet tackled.. Quick review to suggest strategy before I waste time doing the wrong things – Jack

• IMAGES & Ideas page – duplicate presentation – which way – so viewers can see the ‘spectrum’ and then individual blowups with instructions and/or commentary for some. – Jack

• Circles of Friends page – every time I attempt to edit it ‘crashes’…  I PRESUME the columns should disappear… – Jack

• On the OLD site – the ‘side bar’ with links to various pages… how to handle…??? = Jack

  • Jim Hanson page:  At the bottom of the Jim Hanson page  – there are a series of short articles by Jim – on education.  How to handle??? – Jack

• From: FileMaker – An Apple Subsidiary <filemaker_announcements@filemaker.com>  Subject: Learn how to incorporate FileMaker data with other popular apps and services – just a reminder that we will want to connect data to our Filemaker database.  Jack

• Search in ADMIN under products – not pulling up appropriate answers – ie Gary Bunch,  John O’Brien etc. – Jack

• Separate listings for books and ebooks – which ultimately should appear as one product with TWO buttons – ie book or ebook – Jack

• Categories – parent and child (sub categories) – in progress…. – Jack

• How do we handle special sub sections – ie MPAMBO… ?? – Jack

•  Using ‘the Square’ – the square store when we are in Canada .. and in US??   Will this work with Woo commerce (Cathy says it does.)  Cathy is wondering about having TWO square sites  =one in Canada – one in US – to attempt to keep US $ in US    – we already have two square accounts – US and Canadian..        Square is good for us because we can connect with phones at remote sites – easily…. – Jack & Cathy         Square is about to approve DEBIT and Credit Cards which would be good for us.     The Current Cart with Americart are almost done.  Company has been bought and sold twice in recent times.. Chase this week – and it rapidly getting dysfunctional.

• template  format for the books/resources – Lynda


  • acknowledgement for Inclusion Press (authors etc) – print it out so it appears as a footnote on most pages..HOW to acknowledge – jcp
  • FAQ’s – list of questions and answers… top ten or so… jcp
  • make a video of US about PATH and MAPS… jcp


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