Virtual TSI Video – Sept.17

What People Said about TVSI – Our Launch on Sept. 17 – a sample…

  • Seeing everyone. Being welcomed back in. Digging deeper. It was truly comforting in a time of deep uncertainty. I walked away with a renewed sense of purpose and peace. Thank you so much.   – E. Jennifer Brown
  • Encouraging graphic thinking & note taking for me. (Emailed mine to you.) The opportunity to go to small groups. The way the two hours were broken up – zooming can be tiring and the time flew by – metaphors for flying too:). All that were present.
  • Small groups, music, exploring our spaces inside these boxes, the presence of people who have been at it for decades  – Ashley Hart
  • I loved being able to scroll through and see peoples faces online – reconnect and feel excited about who was there that I know and love, and see new faces I am yet to know. I loved the breakout rooms. just like the “in person TSI”, I met people I had never met before! I loved hearing John McKnight as usual and Gerima’s drumming of course – he is the heart beat of TSI. I felt excited and thrilled at seeing “old” and familiar loved faces in the little “Brady Bunch” rectangles. –Leanne Pearman
  • 1. The clear and concise messages that were sent ahead of time seemed to help people be prepared. 2. Having people muted. 3. Having the questions posted in the chat. 4. GERIMA!!! 5. Getting to chat in breakout rooms was fantastic. 6. John McKnight still has IT! I don’t care if he is reading a speech or not. The fact that he is quoting Dave Chappelle, tells me he is still in the game! – Beth Gallagher
  • I really enjoyed the virtual break-out sessions. This really allowed me to “connect” with peers even though we could only do so through a screen. Smaller groups allowed for more fulsome conversation and reflection! –Ella R
  • The people were there, the magic too. So I enjoyed it very much. –Hans Kroon
  • All in all I thought it all worked. It’s all a miracle. – Tom Kohler
  • I thought the group size was perfect and the reflections from both John’s were very timely and thought provoking. I was very impressed with the technology that allowed us to go into smaller group conversations and then move back into the main session without any need on our part to understand the technology. -Katie Knaak
  • The drum-in was absolutely powerful, I’m glad it was pre-recorded this time! And the good-natured way those in the spotlight but unfamiliar with Zoom meetings carried themselves was refreshing. (Here’s looking at you, John McKnight)  Christine Cassedy
  • The combination of small groups with larger group presentations. It was great to have John McKnight’s wise words – it grounded me. The way you brought some of the format – Gerima drumming, Heather singing – was lovely. Seeing treasured old and new faces – awesome!  – Niki Stevenson
  • All of it – the speakers the small groups the seamless way we seemed to weave in together  _ Gillian Grable
  • This amazing community of talent, thinkers, doers, leaders, etc.  – Ann Marie DiFalco
  • Thank you for organising the virtual TSI and having courage to try something new (ie, meeting virtually). *Thank you for honouring the indigenous peoples of the lands in various countries we are from.   – Laurel Stephens, Interactionz, NZ
  • Having John McKnight launch the virtual series set a wonderful and grounded stage for the session and those to come. Appreciate Cathy, Jack and Lynda for pulling this together – it was a massive disappointment for all of us when we had to cancel our plans to be together in person. While we know we are registered for the next time we can convene, there was still a major void that this help to fill. Appreciate Dave Hasbury’s keen photographic eye and compilation of photos that really ignite a sense of connection. –Carol Blessing
  • I was so grateful to be in the room with people who have been advocating for and creating belonging for decades. What a gift to be in such a space!  – Ashley Hart
  • I really appreciated listening to John McKnight so closely. I have heard John “kick off” TSI a number of times, and It felt so much more intimate when it was just him on the screen with no other (albeit wonderful) distractions around me. I really felt and heard him and I really appreciated it more than ever before. It was like I was at my first TSI again. Eager to listen, to hear and to connect. I so appreciate and am grateful for the opportunity to be able to share in connecting globally with TSI peeps, even if online and with a few tech glitches. I’m looking forward to meeting more new people to connect with in coming months! – Leanne Pearman
  • I really appreciate all the effort that went into making the event run smoothly. The drumming open/close was amazing!  The facilitators were fantastic!  I really appreciate all the effort that went into making the event run smoothly. The drumming open/close was amazing!  The facilitators were fantastic!  John McKnight was lovely and inspired as always! Hats off to the creators of the videos! –Ella R
  • I truly enjoyed the drumming from Gerima and the inspirational videos.  – Jennifer Engler
  • Many Thanks. I felt energized by John’s words. And by the TSI dynamics. Hans Kroon
  • I think that it was a great and worthwhile session considering what can currently be offered in the place of an in person conference. I look forward to the upcoming events! – Christina Koenig

Images of us at Virtual TSI on Sept. 17 – 8 countries – approximately 120 live participants