Creating Practices while Discovering our Neighbourhoods: Patti Scott & Kim Brown

On Nov.14, in the Virtual
Toronto Summer Institute, there
were four presentations – followed
by ‘breakouts’ for each of the four.
This video is the record of the
Neighbours session led by Patti
Scott and Kim Thurston-Brown.

Discovering our neighbourhoods. 7 Minute Introduction: Patti Scott & Kim Brown – Nov. 14

Discovering our Neighbourhoods. Breakouts: Patti Scott & Kim Brown – Nov. 14

Video of the Dec. 2 Followup Workshop

Neighbours Inc Followup Workshop on Dec. 2 with Patti Scott and Kim Thurston-Brown, De’Amon Harges, Jeremy Donaldson, Clive Housely, Chrissy Martin, Sandi Cooper, and David Hasbury