Ideas that Matter III – March 11, 2021

Session Recordings:

Ideas that Matter III – full recording

The Unlikely Evolution of Darwin Ness – from Options of Community Living
(The introductory & breakout sessions – March 11)

Gail Jacob; Randal Wilkins; Peter Leidy

Citizen Centered Leadership: A Decade of Learning: Carol Blessing

(The introductory & breakout sessions – March 11)

These sessions explored the fundamental elements that challenge the well-intentioned agenda of inclusion with an invitation to examine internal belief systems, biases and practices that sustain an imbalance of power – based on a decade of experience with Citizen Centered Leadership.

Jessica Bolduc, 4R’s – Indigenous Centred Reconciliation Practices

(The introductory & breakout sessions – March 11)

Jessica Bolduc is the founder Director of the 4R’s indigenous youth network. These talks explore the challenges, learnings and future opportunities we face as we develop new and deeper understanding of reconciliation practices to create a better future.