Toronto Summer Institute Postponed to July 2021

Our obligation to the common good keeps us home. Uncertainty about how long the need for physical separation will last, what form mitigating the effects of Coronavirus will take three months from now, and what will be needed to rebuild when the immediate threat passes, leads us to postpone TSI as a face-to-face event. 

“Let’s think of it as a reset button.
It gives us time to ponder what sort of world
we want to be living in on the other side of this.”
-Margaret Atwood

For us, as for you, Summer Institutes are a time of rekindling energy, refocusing on core values, and renewing connections and friendships. While most of our attention now focuses on our immediate circles of concern, we want to test the possibilities for virtual connections that support continuing action for inclusion. Some of the networks that have grown up from past Summer Institutes are already activated on social media and we think that more is possible.

“There is no power greater than a community 
discovering what it cares about….
Rely on human goodness, stay together”
-Margaret Wheatley

We are beginning to imagine virtual ways to follow patterns of learning common in the Summer Institute. We’ll prototype on-line structures to make sense of the challenges and possibilities of our time and sustain one another in our work. We’ll notify you as these prototypes take shape.

In the meantime, stay safe and well.  Physical distancing is giving us the time to renew connections (virtually) and be supportive to all those who are supporting us in so many ways. 

Your Registration fee can be applied to the 2021 event or any other gathering offered by Inclusion Press.  We appreciate that some of you may request your Registration fee refunded, please let us know if you want a refund.  We will of course honour your requests.

If you made accommodation bookings with Ryerson, you must cancel with Ryerson.  We cannot do that for you.   You can cancel on line:  their login   You can also email, give your name and ask to cancel.  No charges have been or will be made on your credit card, but it is important to cancel your reservation yourself.

If you have concerns or questions about this, contact

If you have other questions, please write:

We need to stay together,
look out for our neighbours, our community, our people…
Stay Safe

VIDEO Memories

See you in Toronto July 2021

Jack, Lynda, Cathy

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