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Read You Mind is a self-help mental health manual.  It mobilizes colour psychology and Voice Reading Recognition to capture what you say and think in colour.  The colours reflect your feelings and intentions while they strengthen your reading and writing skills. Colour coding your emotions helps you to sort your feelings and support your mental health.

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One of the keys to ‘finding your voice’ is literacy.  Beginning with that journey, Justin Page pushes boundaries of learning by adding colour.  And then exploring the capacities of his computer and his phone, he ‘discovered’ Voice Writing – so non readers could speak – and see their own words.  Impatient for more, through self exploration with words and colour, he discovered another dimension.  If you speak your words (your thoughts), then colour them, to suddenly see how you think and feel!.  The healing power of this private approach to self reflection means that it can help some of us who struggle with isolation, depression and beyond.  A short powerful exploration that unleashes the power of self-help in mental health.

A brief Video exploring Read Your Mind