Planning for Real Life After School eBook



The frightening truth is that thousands of youth ‘graduate’ from high school to the couch – to unemployment, boredom and loneliness.   There is no magical solution – but if we start early, build relationships – and plan for a full life in the community with peers – we can often avoid that predictable disaster.  This book explores the journey to a better life..


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This book is about transition from school to work. It has research that confirms what we all know: that for individuals with disabilities, the close collaboration between families, teachers and students facing “transition to work” is rare. When done well, it works, but it seldom happens.

What is different is that this is a proposal for collaboration without blaming — a good tool for all parties. There are two volumes, a Plain Language Edition and a Regular Edition. The Plain Language Edition was co-edited by authors from People First of Ontario. Both are useful, but for those with second language issues and/or learning difficulties, the Plain Language may be more useful.

This project was funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Social Development Partnerships Program, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. The opinions and the interpretations in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Canada.

Audience: Families, teachers, people labeled disabled, advocacy organizers and policy makers. Anyone who will be challenged by the ‘transition’ from school to work will find these books useful.

Plain Language Edition