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:  Expanding Blue Space“Hanns Meissner’s Expanding Blue Space: The Learning Institute for Social Innovation is written for those of us invested in making a difference in the lives of other people, doing our part to repair the world, acting in ways small and big to fulfill our highest purpose.  The power to imagine alternatives is the key to a liberation we strive for ourselves and for others.   Dr. Beth Mount

A NEW article by Hanns:  Disrupting the Exclusive Reliance on Expert Systems to Solve the Problem of Social Exclusion.  2021


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Expanding Blue Space  This book focuses on a specific change technology for generating social innovations that promote healthy diverse and acceptant communities that include those who have been marginalized from the mainstream. We do this by creating more awareness about the dynamics of social exclusion and the role each of us play in it. This methodology is the Learning Institute for Social Innovation (LISI). It is purposed with the notion that we can make a difference. Our interest is to seed the ground for change by expanding the space for personal reflection, dialogue amongst critical players, and increasing our capacity to socially innovate. With this effort, we are realigning our relationships away from doctor-patient or provider-consumer to a partnership in co-designing and co-implementing solutions that support a life one has reason to value. It is in the sharing of responsibility and the promotion of mutual citizenship-based relationships that we increase the chances that our communities will work better for everyone. The chapters offer the reader insight into the learning institute design principles, conditions for success, a step-by-step process to host and facilitate a learning institute, a more in-depth consideration of LISI design elements, a discussion of readiness for transformational change, and a sampling of LISI exercises and resources.  Also available in eBook format.

Foreword  by  Dr. Beth Mount

Illustrations by Caits Meissner

Cover design by Caits Meissner

Inside text design and graphics by Tafadzwa Chiriga

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NEW article by Hanns:  Disrupting the Exclusive Reliance on Expert Systems to Solve the Problem of Social Exclusion.  2021