Each Belongs – eBook



This remarkable book by Jim Hansen tells the story of the first Board (we believe in the world) to say “welcome” to ALL students into regular classrooms. It is a remarkable tale, and we can all learn from their wisdom and courage.


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The Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board has just celebrated 30 Years of Fully Inclusive Education for All. Their mission statement: “EACH BELONGS”.

This remarkable book by Jim Hansen collects the history — including an extensive collection of documents and letters from teachers and families — that tell the stories of the struggles from the inside over 30 years.

For anyone who ever has the thought, “It’s a great idea, but let’s be realistic,” this is an important book. Hamilton is a steel town. It is a collage of immigrant communities. It isn’t wealthy. They had no extra funds. They believed it was possible — and important and they just did it. Their secret is extra love and caring for all.