Conscious Care and Support – For Individuals with Autism & Other Developmental Disabilities: Balancing Body, Brain & Being


Peter and Gareth Marks having been supporting individuals and families with complex disabilities for decades.  With a deep brain research foundation, they teach simple and profound approaches that can reduce violence and rebalance communications for many.  An important contribution to the field.



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Forward by Shinzen Young


“This book is a gift. It addresses a hugely important issue in our society and it does it with the greatest respect, wisdom and compassion. As a business leader and consultant it is readily apparent to me how ‘Conscious Care and Support’ has the potential to improve organizational cost effectiveness by radically transforming the ability of human services leaders and support staff to offer high quality support in the least intrusive and therefore, labour efficient ways. It seems to make good business, as well as, humanitarian sense especially to address supported individuals’ complex needs before they become costly behavioural challenges requiring expensive specialized services.”

Maria Gonzalez, MBA
President Argonauta Strategic Alliances Consulting;
Corporate Advisory Board for the Harvard Medical School – MacArthur Foundation’s Study on depression and workplace performance.


“Drawing on many years of experience and supported by extensive transdisciplinary research findings, Peter and Gareth Marks bring unique insight and a profound humility and care to the lessons they share in Conscious Care and Support. This book has the potential to significantly enhance the quality of support for thousands of Canadian citizens. Its emphasis is on teaching family and agency supporters how to be unconditionally compassionate and calm while supporting others in extremely stressful conditions. In so doing, it guides us all to critically reflect on our practices of leadership and support to others and to foster relationships of reciprocity, gentleness and deep compassion. A truly useful and practical resource for anyone supporting individuals with autism or other developmental disabilities.”

Michael Bach, Ph.D.
Executive Vice-President
Canadian Association for Community Living


“In this book, Peter and Gareth and their lineage of mentors, have provided us with the scaffolding for human compassion and kindness which are the foundations of good healthcare and support. They show us that both of these qualities are achievable by simply shifting our attention from tasks and outcomes to relationship based care – shifting from doing to being! In a world so deeply dependent on the misuse of power to mobilize others, CCS offers us an alternative use of intent. We can change the world and ourselves through acts of Conscious Care and Support and harvest its compassion. Imagine, we could be more effective and efficient if we were more human. Now there is a revolution in care and support waiting to happen! This is a remarkable book. Thank you from all of us.”

Michele Chaban, Director, AMM
Factor-Inwentash School of Social Work
University of Toronto


“Want to help? It turns out that to help people effectively, you have to learn to help yourself. The heart of this wise book is a set of brilliant strategies for applying mindfulness to the most challenging situations. This is a tremendous resource, of years of on-the-ground experience distilled into practical step-by-step guidelines, and all of it backed by solid scientific research. Highly recommended for everyone inside and outside the caregiving professions. Peter and Gareth Marks have written a book for living – and serving – more deeply.”

Jeff Warren
Author; Former Producer at CBC’s – The Current and Ideas


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