The course will include demonstrations of PATH and MAPS, as well as team practice.  There will be opportunities for in-depth conversations on the framework and thinking underneath the new materials.  This will strengthen facilitators in their work.  We will explore facilitation practice and values more deeply.  We believe the course will be particularly useful for folks who will be mentoring/ coaching other facilitators.  We are trying to keep the group small, with a proposed limit of 35 people.
     We have learned a great deal by having the privilege of seeing the ‘evolution’ of practices around the world.  The training we offer continues to change and deepen through our learning.  If you have not been to any of our trainings for some time, this is an opportunity to experience the leading edge of our practice and learning.   The MAPS and PATH ‘update’ reflects some of the learnings we have garnered from many of you along these journeys.  

Issues to be explored:
• Underlying Values 
• Community Building
• PATH & MAPS practice & facilitation
• Skill Building to get stronger

This course introduces people to basic values of inclusion, and teaches two of the Person Centered Planning tools – MAPS and PATH. This is ‘hands on’ learning. With a foundation of values, new and more experienced facilitators will spend a substantial portion of the two days practicing the tools on each other, before putting the future of other people in their hands. 

Participants will not be ‘MAPS or PATH’ masters, but rather, emerge with a basic framiliarity so they can ‘practice, practice, practice’ and develop their own skill set.

Day one focuses on Graphic Facilitation and values – pre-requisites for the MAPS and PATH.

For Whom: 
• People who will be using person centered planning approaches with people and organizations.
• People concerned about planning to give people a life, and are willing to step out of the box in order to make that happen. 
• People who are willing to invest time and effort in building relationships for people who are relegated to isolation, or organizations that are imploding with miscommunication and lack of clear vision!

Conductors: Jack Pearpoint and Lynda Kahn
(Other team members may be utilized on occasion)

The days will include:
• Person Centered Planning foundations
• An Introduction to PATH
• An Introduction to MAPS
• Opportunities to observe and participate as a graphic recorder, a process facilitator, a listener, a creative resource source, and more…
• Handouts include the PATH book and other support materials

This course can accommodate medium size groups if appropriate space is available.
Paper, pens and other supplies must be ordered well in advance.

For bookings, contact:

47 Indian Trail, Toronto, ON. M6R 1Z8 Canada
tel: 416-658-5363 fax: 416-658-5067