Pathfinding Outfitters for Change Makers


People with disabilities, their families and allies have great opportunities and face considerable challenges. One opportunity is to invest in a network of support for the next generation of leaders  

We hope to strengthen commitment to activism that increases the possibility of deep change in the lives of people with IDD, their families, support professionals, organizations, and local communities. The desired result is a network that strengthens courage and inspires action from the highest future potential of self and context.

As a point of departure for imagining the form this effort might take we have adopted the metaphor of acting as Outfitters. Outfitters serve  adventurers with the highest quality personal connections, knowledge and equipment available. We want to create ways to serve next generation leaders by bringing together the experience of those who lead effective organizations, learning resources developed over many years of struggle to develop capacity to support full citizenship, the offerings of MIT’s Presencing Institute, and the Inclusion Press platform .

Our first step is a two day co-design retreat at the Quaker Meeting House in Toronto on April 16- and 17th, 2020. 

We have invited people who have what it takes to co-design a powerful and feasible support to the continuing development of change makers. We hope that those who participate will be able to invest sufficient talent, time and money to make it possible to to work together and test a prototype. Invitations are personal, please don’t transfer your invitation without discussion with Beth Mount.

Beth Mount and John O’Brien,
Jack Pearpoint and Lynda Kahn, Inclusion Press
Patti Scott and David Hasbury, Neighbours International