Crucial Terms Final Report

Crucial Terms Report

Finding a Way Through the Maze:
Crucial Terms Used in Education for Canadians with Disabilities 

The Crucial Terms Project was designed to clarify crucial terms used to describe education for learners with disabilities under the Special Education Model and under the Inclusive Education Model. It has become apparent that considerable confusion has developed with regard to exactly what Special Education and Inclusive Education mean. Is Inclusive Education simply another part of the Special Education Model, a synonym for Integration? Is Inclusive Education a new approach to education of learners with disabilities? Do some terms refer specifically to one model or to the other?To begin to answer these questions, Canadians with disabilities, families, governments, teachers, educational administrators, teacher associations, advocacy groups, universities, and others were consulted through questionnaires and focus groups, and a review of Canadian educational literature undertaken. Those consulted represented groups favouring continuation of the Special Education Model and groups favouring change to inclusive education in order to avoid bias.The Project was undertaken in both English and French. Full reports in both languages are available as pdf downloads – which can be printed.

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