Gunnar Dybwad

Marsha Forest Centre


1909 – 2001

In Celebration of a Wonderful Life,
Inclusion Press Honors  Gunnar Dybwad
Pioneer, Leader, Humanitarian
Gunnar Dybwad, was a sprightly young elder of the movement for full citizenship for all until his passing on Sept. 12, 2001. He was 93. He and his recently departed and wonderful wife Rosemary were grandparents to the parent and people first movement for people with disabilities. They provided unfailing leadership and inspiration at every level, from paupers to Presidents around the world. Their lives made a personal difference to many of us, but more important, their leadership and example was a foundation that made a difference for hundreds of thousands of people who we once institutionalized.
Gunner joined Marsha and me at our Inclusion Press booth during the TASH Conference in Boston, in 1997. As ever, he offered while sage advice, and happily sang the praises of our new book – by his old friend Nicola Schaefer from Winnipeg. {Yes! She Knows She’s Here.}
When visiting Gunnar and Rosemary two weeks before Rosemary died, Marsha asked Rosemary if she had any wisdom to pass on. Never for the faint of heart, Rosemary mustered faint breath and sparking eyes and said: “Stay away from negative people!” and “Give hope to families!”
We honor Gunnar and Rosemary.