Louise Bailey’s Archive – to the Supreme Court and More

One of my (Jack) personal agenda’s is to be sure that at least ‘slices’ of the bitter and complex struggle for ‘inclusion’ – and inclusive education are on record and acknowledged. Rose tint and time can screen and even eliminate these stories. This is one slice of that history.

Louise Bailey was/is a mother first and foremost. She has a daughter who has never encountered segregation due to the relentless advocacy led by her mother. But that advocacy was for all children and thus decades of struggles with the Down Syndrome organizations, education systems, courts and ultimately the Supreme Court. Louise has made an edited collection of her materials available so that the relentless nature of the struggle in all its complexity is laid bare. It is not light reading. It is the truth.

This collection begins with two short documents from Louise: her own current reflection on her story, and a letter from Andrea’s dance teacher.

Andrea Bailey: Artist

This collection begins with two short documents from Louise:
her own current reflection on her story,
and a letter from Andrea’s dance teacher.

Louise Bailey’s Integration Advocacy Narrative

Jeanette’s letter: Teaching Andrea Bailey to Dance

Louise Bailey Archive – Bundle #1 Human Rights & Education
• Proposed Amendments
• Standing Committee Amendments
Integration in Education
• Down Syndrome AMT
• The Three R’s: Reason, Reality, Recommendations

Louise Bailey Archive – Bundle #2 Integration – letters
• All Party Working Group. 1991.letters
• Integration Comm.letters.to M of Educ.1991
• Ministry of Educ letters.1993-95
• Stakeholders Work Group.Bailey.dec.9.1993

Louise Bailey Archive – Bundle #3 ARCH
• ARCH.Alert.Appendices
• ARCH.Alert.Volume 8
• Coalition for Inclusive Education.1998

Louise Bailey Archive – Bundle #4 Down Syndrome, Eaton vs Brant
• Down Syndrome Assoc. of Ontario. 1992
• DSAssoc.ONT.Bailey.Aug.7.1994
• Eaton and Clayton Eaton, Applicants
• Ontario Courts: Eaton vs Brant.1995

Louise Bailey Archive – Bundle #5 Education Battle docs.1991-1993
• Act to Amend Educ.Bill 4.April 21.1993
• ARCHTYPE.Jan.1994.Children.Youth & Disability
• Bailey Progressive School – pamphlet
• Bailey, D.S.A.O. to OACL on Bill 4. June 8.1993
• Bill 4 Hearings. DSA. Bailey
• CONSULT.paper.DSAO.on Integration.June.1992
• Down Syndrome AMT – pamphlet
• DSAO – Comm on Social Dev.June8.1993
• DSAO.AGM Integration Report.Sept.28.1991
• DSAO.Board.Agenda.Sept.28.1991
• Feb.19.1986.Down Syndrome AMT.Admin Justice
• Globe & Mail.Bailey.May.1991
• Hansard Debates Ont.Comm on Educ. July 25, 1988
• Hansard. 8June 1993.Bailey
• Hansard.July25.1988.Comm on Education
• Integration Action Group Pamphlet
• Integration NOW.April.1991
• Ltrs TQ EDITOR.G&M.May15, 1001
• Making a Difference.1986.NIMR
• Ministry ltrs.1993
• Proposed Amend.Spec Ed. REGULATION 554.81
• Special Needs.NB.Feb 98; Educational Leadership.1992
• Standing Comm.Admin.Justice.Feb.19, 1986

Louise Bailey Archive – Bundle #6 Appeals; Cook; DSAMT
• Ciandfield, Advisor M of Ed.Langdon.Bailey.June.5.1992
• COURT OF APPEAL.Eaton vs Brant.Dec.19.1994
• Dave Cook.Min of Ed.1994. Initiatives Talk
• Down Syndrome Assoc of Metropolitan Toronto
• DSAMT.Bailey.Press Release.June 19.1986
• Equality in Education.Standing Comm.Feb.19.1986.Bailey
• McCarthy Tetrault.Eaton.vs.Brant.Supreme.Court.Ap.30.1996
• Ministry letters.1994

Louise Bailey Archive – Box 1

• Albert Ct of Appeal.Queen.Big Drug Mart.`985
• Bailey.McKinney V Univ of Guelph.1990.
• Brant Cty Bd Vs Eaton Agu. 16.1996
• E.C.Symes vs Quuen.Quebec.Mar.Dec.1993
• McCarthy Tetrault.Marcelle Gadoury.Jan.1991
• Ontario Human Rights Comm.vs.Poverty.Aug.16.1994
• Owen Swain.vs.Queen.Feb.1990
• Sue Rodriguez.vs.AG Canada.AG BC.May 1993
• Turpin & Siddiqui.vs.Queen.June.1988

Louise Bailey Archive – Box 2