John McKnight – VTSI – Sept 17

Video of John McKnight’s talk: Libraries of Memories – Come Fly with Me. (18 min)

John McKnight  – a talk on the launch of the Virtual Toronto Summer Institute on Sept. 17.2020.  John reflected on the Libraries in our memories – and how Marsha Forest, Judith Snow and Pat Worth – live on as great teachers because we remember them.  All Means All; Be Present, and Be Connected – along with the invitation:  Come Fly with Me.

In John’s Talk he remembered three ‘Libraries’ of our learning – and a book:

 Marsha Forest

All means all

Inclusion is fair play
common sense
common decency
hard work.
Inclusion is
elegant in its simplicity
and, like love
awesome in its complexity

Judith Snow – Writings, Videos, Remembrances

 We must be present 

Inclusion is about willingness
to take a unique difference and
develop it as a gift to others.
It is not about disability.

Patrick Worth

 We must be connected 

I dream that some day, we will all be able
to see each other by our true names,
for who we really are, in a world without labels.
That would be a great day for the world,
filled with real relationships for all of us.”

Last One Over the Wall Jerry Miller

 I have tried to nurture hope.

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