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Jim Hansen, a retired Superintendent has agreed to author a series of articles based on his understanding and learning from Inclusion. Please read and enjoy.

The Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board has a policy of admitting all children, able and disabled alike, to inclusion in their neighborhood school. Placement is age appropriate. This policy has been in effect since 1969.It was my privilege to supervise the development and implementation of this policy from its beginnings in 1969 till my retirement in 1991.I hope that my contribution to this web page may encourage others to advocate for a “good” education for all children.Below are several articles by Jim Hansen.
     1) The Beginning
     2) A Good and Complete Education
     3) School  

     4) Our Self-image is a Reflection of What Others Think of Us
     5) My Questions Your Answers

The Beginning, A Good and Complete Education

School, Our Self Image + Questions

EACH BELONGS – the Video Collection