Pioneers, Roots and Foundations of Inclusion – Videos

Struggles. Advocates. Advocacy. Our history – many lost and almost forgotten videos

As our attention spans are now focused on 15 second ‘bites’ – it will take effort to learn and recollect that the battles for inclusion were complex, relentless and populated by dozens and dozens of unsung heroic families and individuals. In the ‘battles’ in the 70’s – 90’s, the struggles in Ontario led the world. The now ‘forgotten’ NIMR (National Institute on Mental Retardation) was situational on the York Univ campus – and housed the world’s leading library collection on disability issues – and the emergent ‘integrated education’. Many thought leaders worked there or visited often because it was the gathering place for change.

Note: The quality of many of these videos is what it is.. Many have been ‘copied’ and shared numbers times before in various types of media. The technical quality is often bad. However, the content is profound and thus worth enduring this historical technical glitches…