More PATH & MAPS Sample Videos

PATH & MAPS have been used by individuals, families and organizations on all continents except Antartica. Here are a few ‘sample’ videos that give a ‘feel’ of how these processes work on the ground.

  • Leslie’s PATH – This lovely short clip scans the PATH process with Lesley, and more important, the followup – as her life flourished and her engagement expanded dramatically
  • What is a PATH? – (in Aotearoa – New Zealand. 2013) With the inspirational leadership of Kataraina Pipi, remarkable facilitators like Paura Te Hurihanganui, dozens of others are implementing PATHs in a wide range of community and family contexts throughout Maori communities all over New Zealand. (4 minutes)
  • Values of Inclusion – Heather Simmons – a brilliant talk by our friend Heather of the 10 core values of Inclusion – a talk that has been a foundation for many
  • Savoy Kapow Howe’s PATH to the All Girls Boxing Club (1913) – Savoy ‘Kapow’ Howe is the creator and manager of the NewsGirls Boxing Club in Toronto. Savoy pays credit to the PATH process – gathering with some of her colleagues to dream about positive and possible futures. Their ‘impossible’ dream has become a reality. Listen to Savoy tell her story. (5 minutes)
  • Kayden’s MAP _ Anchorage, Alaska: a short clip of Kayden as a ‘demonstration Map’ at a teachers training session in Anchorage, Alaska. A wonderful confirmation about the power of imagination – and the capacity of youth to take charge. (2 minutes)
  • Kimmy’s MAP – the Waterloo Region Separate School Board implemented Inclusion – as in this MAP demonstration (circa 1985) facilitated by Marsha Forest with graphics by David Hasbury (30 minutes)
  • Jenny’s Story: a 15 minute introduction to the work of inclusion in Kitchener=Waterloo – about 1985 – featuring Marsha Forest, George Flynn and Jenny – interviews with families and students – An important statement about our history.
  • With a Little Help from My Friends – An Inclusion Classic – 1988 – featuring Marsha Forest at work. This award winning 1 hour video describes the basics of creating schools where all kids belong and learn together. In three parts, listen to Grade 7 & 8 students describe the impact of inclusion on their school and their lives. Observe teachers doing the same. Then see hands on strategies at work including MAPS and Circles of Friends. This classic video is ‘dated’ and simultaneously remains brand new. The freshness in the voices of students who talk from their hearts about inclusion and building circles of friends is classic
  • Marsha Forest & Jack Pearpoint – clips from workshops in Santa Monica, CA – Nov. 1992 (very long) raw footage of a workshop in 1992 –