Who We Are

The core Inclusion Press team is small and mighty – but depends extensively on the talents and good will of friends and colleagues around the world to keep the work of inclusion relentlessly moving forward.

Jack Pearpoint

Jack Pearpoint

Jack Pearpoint is an independent Canadian Publisher and catalyst for Inclusion, Diversity, Teamwork and CHANGE!

Jointly with his wife and partner, Lynda Kahn, Jack conducts workshops and consults with organizations and collaborates with people with disabilities and their families, to engage in positive change that honours the gifts and contributions of all. Earlier, Jack, his late wife Marsha Forest and John O’Brien, collaborated to create several person-centered approaches such as PATH, MAPS and Circles of Friends. The collaboration continues now with John and Lynda.

Jack’s forty years of organization experience include seven years in Africa implementing post-war reconstruction; sixteen years as President of Canada’s oldest literacy organization, Frontier College; and nearly two decades as a full-time publisher and presenter.

Jack is the founding director of the Marsha Forest Centre: Inclusion, Family and Community and remains its Executive Director. Jack and Lynda Kahn work internationally and have expanded their network beyond Canada and the United States to include people in Australia, England, India, China, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, and Uganda.


Lynda Kahn

photo of Lynda Kahn
Lynda Kahn       lynda@inclusion.com

Lynda Kahn is a co-leader with Inclusion Press International, Toronto, working with individuals, families, organizations and governments interested in positive change. Lynda, together with her partner and husband, Jack Pearpoint, works with individuals, families, organizations and governments interested in positive change through facilitating conversations, planning sessions and offering training workshops. She is a member of the board of the Marsha Forest Center on Inclusion, Family and Community.

She served as the state of Rhode Island’s Executive Director of the Division of Developmental Disabilities from 1996 to 2005, serving in the public sector for 24 years. Her work included assisting in the closure of the state’s institution, The Ladd Center in 1993, collaborating on an individualized funding and budgeting approach for persons served by Rhode Island’s Division of Developmental Disabilities, and serving as President of the National Association of State Directors of Developmental Disabilities Services (NASDDDS 2001-03), and on the Association’s Board for 8 years.

Her 40 years experience has taken her from institution to community settings, involving values-based person-centered planning as a means to facilitate individual and organizational change. She is passionate about leadership, change and personal engagement to realize a more just world where everyone’s voice and gifts are welcome.

She helped found Rhode Island’s Service Quality Network, and later was instrumental in creating the Rhode Island Facilitator’s Forum, which still thrives, as well as being a catalyst in the state’s Integrated Initiative on Positive Approaches, eliminating aversive and restrictive procedures.

Lynda also currently serves as Board President for Neighbours, Inc., an innovative organization based in New Jersey which assists people in living full lives, directing their own supports.


Cathy Hollands

photo of Cathy Hollands
Cathy Hollands     cathy@inclusion.com

Cathy Hollands  is the Managing Director of Inclusion Press.  In other words, she is the voice and the engine of the press.  She keeps all of you in books and DVD’s and Lynda and I ‘in line’.

Cathy is also a masterful organizer – quiet, relentless and focused.  So when things go smoothly at Summer Institutes and PATH courses, it is largely because of her masterful organizing of the infrastructure that makes things look seamless.  In fact it is hard work and brilliant organizing.   She is also the queen of hospitality – and keeps all of us happy and well fed.

Cathy is also a remarkable mother of five – and a grandmother for four – and counting.  Cathy’s household is an international emporium – of foods, languages and cultures as her family is now enriched from Thailand to Madagascar – without ignoring deep Maltese roots,

Cathy is the current chair of the Board of the Marsha Forest Centre, having joined the board in the early 90’s..