How to Contribute to the Learning Marketplace

How to Contribute to the Learning Marketplace

The Learning Marketplace is a process where participants (You) propose the topics you want: a presentation you want to make; a question you want to explore; a discussion you want to engage… These topics are named, posted (see the board above) and we attempt to find a time and a space for the topics you want to explore.

A Virtual TSI has the same ‘ethic’ but implementing the “marketplace’ virtually is a new challenge. We will do the best we can. We hope we will be able to make a virtual space for the topics/presentations/questions you submit – we will try.

IF you want to ‘present’,

Please submit a very SHORT (60-90 second) Elevator Pitch about your topic. We will share this so everyone will see your topic statement – and will be able to choose to attend your session.

Here is a ‘sample pitch’ for one of the sessions… with Sheldon Schwitek and Shelley Nessman

Please include a HEADLINE (and your name and email). We will make a POST on the Agenda for the day – hopefully with a link to your description. We will have NO control over how few/or many people attend your session – but a short tight description will be your best marketing ticket. SUBMIT TO:

Deadline for submissions: July 9 – after that it gets more complex… We will try – but all of this is a prototype so be forgiving of our best efforts