INCLUSION PRESS: Inclusion, Community, Diversity

Inclusion Press:  
Inclusion, Community, Diversity

Founding Publishers: Jack Pearpoint & Marsha Forest

Inclusion Press creates person centered resource materials for training events, public schools, high schools, community colleges, universities, human service agencies, health organizations, government agencies, families, Indigenous organizations – nationally and internationally.

Current Publishers: Jack Pearpoint, Lynda Kahn and Cathy Hollands

Welcome to our newly designed and organized website. You may browse our offerings by visiting the following pages, beginning with our complete catalogue of books, videos and DVDs and proceeding to books and videos organized according to our most popular themes.

  • BOOKS    An ever-growing collection of books published and/or distributed by Inclusion Press. We are very proud of each item and hope our you will find them useful in your work.
  • DVDS   These DVDs offer our most popular Inclusion videos in an easy-to-access, menu-driven format.
  • INCLUSION PACKS   Here our books and videos are grouped in packages reflecting requests from loyal customers for collections on particular themes such as PATH, MAPS, etc.
  • Inclusion Press Catalogue.2018    Download a PDF version of our current catalog.
  • PATH   PATH is a creative planning tool which starts in the future and works backwards to an outcome of first (beginning) steps that are possible and positive.
  • MAPS   MAPS is a planning process for people and organizations that begins with a story – the history.
  • CIRCLES OF FRIENDS   Circles of Friends or Circles of Support have been in every society since the dawn of time. It is about how we take care of each other in families and communities.
  • PLANNING RESOURCES  Person Centered means planning with people – not doing to them.
  • STAFF DEVELOPMENT   This selection of books and videos are particularly focused on supporting teams and building staff teams.
  • INCLUSIVE SCHOOL RESOURCES   Inclusion does not just happen. I takes work – sustained work. To be in for the long haul, we need supports. We think these books and videos would be good additions to your support kit.
  • SUPPORTING DIVERSITY   These books and videos are our favourites that help us to think about and learn from the stories of others who have struggled and learned from welcoming diversity.
  • LIFE STORIES   Listening to stories of other’s journeys are powerful rechargers. These books and videos are some of our favourites which have strengthened us on our journeys.
  • INCLUSIVE COMMUNITIES  These books and videos have ideas to strengthen your knowledge, build your skills and renew your spirit.
  • JOHN & CONNIE O’BRIEN BOOKS   John O’Brien and his wife and partner Connie Lyle O’Brien have been in the forefront of thinking and creating precedent setting innovations that helped to created full lives for people with disability labels the world over.
  • INCLUSION ARTICLES – Free Downloads:  Selected articles on the theme of Inclusion.
  • INCLUSION NEWS    Inclusion News was published for several years by Inclusion Press for the Marsha Forest Centre – Inclusion.Family.Community.  Some copies are available as pdf downloads.
  • ORDERING INFORMATION   Options for ordering include on-line e-commerce, phone, fax or mail.