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Great Questions: Writings of Judith Snow – eBook

“I have lived on the margins & fought hard to become a participating citizen.
I am a thinker & a dreamer.
I have a reputation as a visionary.
Let’s look at what fosters community capable of including people
in all the diversity of their gifts & dreams.”

Our friend, Judith Snow, died on 31 May 2015 in the midst of life at her home in Toronto. In her 65 years of life – her passion inspired widening circles of people to build community by mobilizing hidden gifts. Her creative spirit animated her friends to join her in social inventions that have benefited many, including those who may never have heard her name. Judith’s life and thinking shaped real Circles of Support, Person-Centered Planning, Community Building and Self-Directed Supports long before they became common, and sometimes hollow, terms.

Judith reflected deeply on her experience of how community grows strong, about power in society and about liberating the contributions of people who are typically pushed to the margins of society because they require accommodation and assistance in order to participate. We have collected her shorter writings on these topics here.

May her thinking continue to inspire community builders!

–John O’Brien, Jack Pearpoint & John McKnight
September 2015
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